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Joseph Harless of Johnson City is currently working part-time in a grocery store, and hopes to return to college over summer semester. Joseph Harless of Johnson City is very hopeful to get a second chance to play college basketball. Harless received a basketball scholarship out of high school, but did not take college seriously and lost his scholarship. Joseph Harless of Johnson City made good grades in high school and now has the drive to do it again. Harless now sees how important an education is, and wants to pursue a degree involving his love of basketball and fitness, perhaps as a personal trainer or coach. He would like a chance to play ball anywhere that will let him play. There were many mentions of Harless in the Johnson City Press newspaper when he played for his high school from 2016-2018. Joseph Harless of Johnson City is hopeful that he will get another chance.

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August 7, 2020

Joseph Harless of Johnson City Predicts How the NCAA Will Handle Its Return Following COVID-19

Joseph Harless of Johnson City predicts how NCAA basketball will handle its return following the COVID-19 pandemic.  NCAA sports have been on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping the globe. Athletes and sports fans across the country have been anticipating the return of NCAA basketball, as the season was quickly halted just before the […]

July 16, 2020

Athlete Joseph Harless of Johnson City Offers His Top Tips to Improve Your Free Throw Average

Athlete Joseph Harless of Johnson City offers his top tips for improving your free throw average. Sports are slowly entering the media again, following countless closures and cancellations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The NBA is one of the athletic associations in talks to resume its season in the coming months. In preparation for basketball […]

June 29, 2020

Joseph Harless Of Johnson City Explains How To Volunteer During A Pandemic

Volunteering is Easier Than Many Think, Even During a Pandemic, Explains Joseph Harless Many people enjoy volunteering because it helps the community that they live in. During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people volunteering has decreased dramatically. Joseph Harless of Johnson City, a student-athlete and an aspiring youth pastor, explains that there are still many […]

Joseph Harless of Johnson City
May 9, 2020

Supporting Today’s Youth via Social Distancing According to Joseph Harless of Johnson City

Many Youth Feel Lost as a Result of the Pandemic’s Social Distancing Requirements According to Student-Athlete Joseph Harless of Johnson City Today’s youth is learning about what it’s like to live completely differently than what they are accustomed to. They can no longer hang out with friends at the basketball courts or start a local […]

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