Joseph Harless of Johnson City Predicts How the NCAA Will Handle Its Return Following COVID-19

Joseph Harless

August 7, 2020

Joseph Harless of Johnson City predicts how NCAA basketball will handle its return following the COVID-19 pandemic.

 NCAA sports have been on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping the globe. Athletes and sports fans across the country have been anticipating the return of NCAA basketball, as the season was quickly halted just before the March Madness tournament. Joseph Harless of Johnson City recently discussed the return of NCAA basketball and the steps officials are expected to take in the coming days, weeks, and months. 

According to Joseph Harless of Johnson City, NCAA basketball is expected to follow regulations set by the NBA. Joseph Harless of Johnson City explained that Coach Mike Krzyzewski, famously known as Coach K, recently stated that the NCAA will most likely follow similar steps the NBA takes when returning following the pandemic. Coach K explained that college basketball will be following the NBA, just as college football will likely follow the NFL.

Joseph Harless of Johnson City added that officials in the NCAA are concerned with finding synchronicity across the states. He explained that conferences feature teams from a variety Joseph Harless Johnson Cityof states, and the states may have different regulations for NCAA teams. This could result in difficulties associated with certain states or teams allowing things that other teams don’t. Joseph Harless of Johnson City added that the NCAA is considering implementing a limited schedule, in which competitive play continues amongst teams with similar state regulations. He added that NCAA officials will face a lot of complications when trying to smooth out these details. 

Additionally, Joseph Harless of Johnson City stated the NBA is currently questioning any return at all in the 2020-2021 season. Joseph Harless of Johnson City explained NCAA basketball is likely considering the same. He added that the NCAA is fortunate the season isn’t expected to begin until October, which buys the league more time to develop a plan and possibly a return to competitive play.

The NBA currently reopened some practice facilities with social distancing and sanitation regulations. It is unknown when the NCAA will begin opening such facilities. NCAA officials are awaiting more action from the NBA, so they can use these actions as a blueprint for their upcoming plan.

At the moment, Joseph Harless of Johnson City explained that very little has been confirmed by either organization, aside from the fact that the NCAA will be using the NBA as a guide. However, Joseph Harless of Johnson City added that more information is being released daily, and all athletes and sports fans hope to have more clarity soon.